newDirection are:

Oliver Jost, from Langen. Accordion player since his early days, bass guitar came later. Oliver has played in several bands over the years and since 2016 is the bass man with newDirection.

Padraig McManamon is the singer and guitarist in the band. The irish man is living in Germany since 1998 and since coming to Germany the music took a back seat. In 2015 he packed out the guitar again, attended vocal coaching and in 2016 he founded newDirection with Oliver.


**** News - Padraig McManamon in the Hessischer Rock & Pop Preis 2019 ****

Take a look at my own personal music web page - padraig mcmanamon music or Facebook page here. As a singer songwriter I entered the Hessischer Rock & Pop Preis 2019 under my own name and have qualified to play on the 7th December in the Neu Stadthalle in Langen in the Hessen Finals of the competition. As all other 5 bands, I will have 15 minutes playing time to convince the Jury and audience that I should win the prize :) I'm really looking forward to this event, especially seeing it's a complete new area for me.

1st December 2018: Our first concert in over a year was a huge success!

2016 saw the beginnings of newDirection and through 2017 Padraig and Oliver appeared in numerous locations between Frankfurt, Darmstadt and Offenbach. 


For 2018 we decided to take a break from gigging to fine tune their sound and also to give Gabi Fellner time to work her way into the band after she joined at the end of 2017. In the mean time, the sound has become rockier, fuller and louder. The concert on 1st December in the Werkstatt was the premier, the first in this constellation.


On this evening the band was supported by the Frankfurt band "Betty O'Beat" in which Oliver also play Bass. We had a fantastic evening and look forward to further gigs in the coming months!


Check out the photos!

Unfortunately Gabi has left the Band for private reasons. Over the next few gigs we will however, be getting some support from Jens Gruschka, keyboarder with the Doors cover band Stoned-Immaculate.


Or see some videos of us live on our YouTube Channel.

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