Live-in-der-Werkstatt, Dreieich, 1st December 2018

This was our first gig in over a year, and our first gig in a Rock-Band set-up. We were joined by the members of Betty O'Beat to add some more noise on the night. It was a great kick-off, an evening to remember, and hopefully the first of many in this constellation. A big thank you to Beate Hochsprung for the fantastic photos - we can only highly recommend her for any event where a photographer is needed!

Die Scheune, Bad Nauheim, 8th September 2017

It was a great night where everyone got up off their seast and started to dance. Brilliant atmosphere, a great location.

The Bogside, Offenbach, 28th September 2017

It was a very enjoyable evening, and also our first performance Gabi with our new drummer. The evening was so enjoyable that we've booked our next gig there for September 2018. We're looking forward to it!

Cafe Beans, Lutherplatz, Langen, 3rd August 2017

After looking forward to this gig for nealy one year, we had a great evening. Home gigs are the best!  The crowd were fantastic, they sang along, fired us on and made us want to come back for more. A great venue and we hope to play here again soon! Thank you Markus and Silke!

Farewell to Quarter Life Crisis in the School of Music, 22nd April 2017

After one and a half years of band practice, various gigs, learning with music teacher Ben Neubrech, it was time to bid farewell to Quarter Life Crisis so I could concentrate on newDirection. It was a lot of fun, I learned a lot and we played great music together. I'm looking forward hearing what they will do with the new singer and how they will develop over the coming months!

St. Patrick's Day in the Irish Pub in Bad Homburg, 17th March 2017

There was a great atmosphere in the Irish Pub in Bad Homburg on St. Patrick's night. Close to three hours of live music, the crowd joined in, and we enjoyed the baby Guinesses!

Here a short compilation of a few songs to give an idea of what the atmosphere was like on the night

Schanz, Mühlheim am Main - Session am Freitag Event

The Schanz in Mühlheim, an excellent location and organisation which supports the Arts in a non-profit manner. We took part in the Session-on-Friday event which takes place usually once a month, allowing acts to show for 20-30 minutes what they can do. We enjoyed not only our part, but what the other acts had to offer, as well as the good food, drink and professionalism of all the staff! Hopefully we'll get to come back for a full gig of our own soon!

Goldene Krone, Darmstadt, 13th February 2017

A fantastic night with a great crowd in the Goldene Krone in Darmstadt. The pub was full, the Crowd sang along, and we'll be back in the autumn for another great night! Thanks to Ezra McManamon from Belmullet, Ireland for the photos!

Getting 2017 off to a start with a Solo appearance at the International After Work Party at Live-in-the-Werkstatt in Dreieich on 9th February 2017

This is definitely a location to watch out for in the future. Live-in-der-Werkstatt in Dreieich, a former workshop converted into a great gig location with a great atmosphere. This open stage event every Thursday gives musicians the opportunity to play in a professional setup with everything already arranged and savour the warm welcome of the crowd and promoters. This was an evening to remember and I'll be back with Oliver and Jens soon! I promise!

Guest appearance with the band Quarter Life Crisis at a private event in Darmstadt on 9th December 2016

Short appearance, but definitely one to remember, at the School of Music, Langen on 12th November 2016

Lange(n) Meile, Langen, 3rd September 2016

The event we were looking forward to all year, the highlight of the summer to play at this open air festival in front of the home crowd. The reaction superceeded all expectations. The weather held up, the atmosphere was brilliant, the crowd was fantastic - singing along, dancing, cheering - and the feedback amazing. A huge encouragement to continue on doing what we're doing. The next dates can start rolling in ...

We let the hat go around on Saturday evening and collected €85.20. Thank you! As promised, we have donated the sum collected – it went to the Stiftung Deutsche Kinderkrebshilfe (German Children Cancer Support). We rounded the €85.20 up to €100.00.

Allthough the quality of the video and the sound quality is poor,  it still gives a very good impression of what the atmosphere was like on the night. It'll be a night we'll remember for a long time to come!

Unless otherwise stated, all photos © Copyright of Padraig McManamon

Goldene Krone, Darmstadt, 11th July 2016

It was great to play in that "pub" atmosphere again, the relaxed feeling of setting up the sound equipment, having a drink and then just playing in front of people who wanted to chill and have an enjoyable evening. We also tried one or two new songs which went down very well. The audience was great! We'll definitely be back again for more!!  Unfortunately I didn't get many photos, but hopefully next time.

Unless otherwise stated, all photos © Copyright of Padraig McManamon

Rock-au-Vin, Langen, 26th June 2016

This was my first public performance in over 18 years. It was a great success, and I hope that I can perform there again.

A big thanks to Jörg and Fränzi from Rock-au-Vin for their trust and for giving me the opportunity to play my first public gig after such a long time – and that during the mega event of the Langen Ebbelwoi Festival! Thanks to all who came, I hope you enjoyed the night!   

A big thanks also to Oliver Jost who accompanied me at the Rock-au-Vin on bass guitar and practiced with me over the last months - and gave me the courage to finally go and get a few gigs! 

You can also check out some great photos of us in Rock-au-Vin from Gareth Tynan on Flickr here (as well as other great photos from the Ebbelwoi Festival in Langen).

Unless otherwise stated, all photos © Copyright of Padraig McManamon

Dietzenbach, 4th June 2016 with Betty O. Beat (private event)

Below some impressions from the evening in Dietzenbach with the Band Betty O. Beat. It was a great evening, where it was good to see some old and new faces, as well as having that great feeling of performing again after such a long time.  A special thanks to the lads from Betty O. Beat for inviting me to be part of their evening. It was a brilliant and most enjoyable night!

Unless otherwise stated, all photos © Copyright of Padraig McManamon

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